ALMA 40th Anniversary Conference

Zachary Jendrusch

San Antonio River Authority
Senior Water Quality Scientist
San Antonio
I am a Senior Water Quality Scientist specializing in trace metals analysis by ICP-MS and ICP-OES. I serve as a team lead within our laboratory, managing a team of two Water Quality Scientists.
Monday, October 21

7:59am MDT

Tuesday, October 22

7:59am MDT

6:00pm MDT

Wednesday, October 23

7:00am MDT

7:45am MDT

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10:45am MDT

11:30am MDT

12:15pm MDT

1:30pm MDT

2:15pm MDT

3:30pm MDT

6:00pm MDT

Thursday, October 24

7:30am MDT

8:15am MDT

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11:45am MDT